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In yesterday’s lesson we looked at another BTN story. This one featured a canoe building project by Kaurna descendants. The Kaurna were the original inhabitants of a large part of what we now refer to as South Australia.

This is not the only recent example of people reviving ancient canoe building arts. In Tasmania a group of Aboriginals created a canoe for a festival. This was the first canoe seen on the Derwent river in over 180 years.



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In today’s lesson we will be setting ourselves some learning goals for this term’s history unit.

Open the document below, we will use it during the lesson.

term 1 2015 unit learning goals

For today’s lesson we will be looking at two BTN stories.

The first is “Explaining the stolen generation” and the second is “Government Apology

After viewing these stories we will, in small groups, have a discussion based around the following questions:

BTN-government apology questions

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Library/Literacy Monitors

The successful candidates will need
To be able to communicate confidently, showing that they are able to use initiative and take direction
To have a passion for reading and a broad knowledge of books
To be able to assist in any tasks required in the library e.g. reshelving, scanning books for borrowing and returning, displays
To assist in planning and running of book week/literacy week activities such as the Literary Quiz
To produce advertising for upcoming events
To assist in Simultaneous Reading Time
To be able to work in cooperative group situations
To be able to work well with younger students
To be willing to attend meetings and arrive on time for all commitmenst and fully engage in tasks.

Science Monitors:

– Assisting with lab organisation.
-Setting up and helping classes in the lab for National Science Week.
– Running a station at Family Science Night.
– Making advertisements for National Science Week.
– Gaining an understanding of laboratory equipment.
– Assisting with Science incursions.

Visual Art Leaders
Possible Names: Curators, Leaders
Positions Vacant: 3

The roles of the Art Leaders will vary depending on the tasks needing
completion each week. Art Leaders will assist with organising students
work into class piles and delivering work to class teachers. They will
also assist with the photographing of artwork that needs to be put on
The Art Department blog. Art Leaders will be required to make signs
and help with the displaying of artwork around the school grounds and
assist with hanging these displays. Another area the Leaders will assist
with will be the 2015 Art Show. Other jobs may involve clean ups,
organising of art equipment, working with younger students etc.

Performing Arts Leaders
Possible Names: Directors, Leaders
Positions Vacant: 3

The role of the Performing Arts Leaders will involve a range of activities.
Leaders will be required to help to organise the store cupboard, order
and sort the costumes, label musical equipment, assist with filming and
photography for the blog and work with the younger students. The
Leaders will assist with displays around the school. They will also assist with the 2015 Art Show

ICT leaders

The role of ICT leaders will be to work with teachers and students across 5/6 and the wider school to share knowledge about use of how our school uses ICT in the classroom and at home. Leaders will give support to students with using programs and software. With support from teachers they will also help troubleshoot issues that arise with netbook computers.

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • Good communication skills- an ability to communicate and work with peers, younger students and teachers
  • Curiosity about computers and audio/visual technology
  • Developed ICT knowledge
  • Knowledge of the programs and software used at MPPS
  • A desire to investigate ICT possibilities
  • A willingness to learn about new computer skills and programs


Communication leaders

The role of communication leaders will be to communicate with our Principal, Vice Principal and Administration staff about events in 5/6 and throughout the school. Leaders will meet with all other team leaders (house, gala sport, ICT, Library, Arts, Science, SRC) to find out what has been happening in their teams and pass reports from these teams onto leadership and administration for publication on our school website and in the newsletter. In general, Leaders will only collect reports and photos from these groups, but may occasionally be required to write reports as well. Leaders may occasionally need to share some items at assembly.

Successful applicants will demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • Good communication skills- an ability to communicate and work with peers, younger students and teachers
  • Knowledge of software required for communication, publishing and editing (e.g email, blogs, Microsoft Word) and an ability to edit and collect information from the school network.
  • Enthusiasm about sharing information


Tournament of Minds student coordinators will be chosen in term 2 as we develop the teams.


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You can download the 5/6 handbook below. This booklet contains an outline of many the important aspects of life and learning in 5/6 level. Your child has already read through this booklet in class, so please have a chat to them as a starting point.

The Parent Information Night is on at 7.30 pm on Wednesday 18th Feb in the school library. Please read the handbook before attending as many of your questions may be answered within. A note has been sent home about this evening. Please return this as soon as possible so that we can have an idea of numbers

Thank you

5/6 team

5/6 Handbook 2015