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Download and open up this document angles and transformations pre test

I will supply paper for you to put your answers and working out on.

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Dear Parents,

As the you know the concert is just around the corner. We’ve been working steadily over the last couple of works and all looking forward to the night.

In regards to costumes most are sorted but some pieces are still need. The students are grouped into particular roles are their requirements are as follows:

The band – White with touches of black. All white clothes where possible. I know white pants are hard to come by so black will be ok. Long sleeve shirts and a black tie or bow tie if possible (these will be optional). The girls can wear the same as the boys, or white dresses with white stockings if they have them. Their faces will be painted white with some black feature elements. Ruby’s sister has offered to help with face painting on the night but we’ll still appreciate another set of hands.

The forest spirits – All black white white masks they have made. Due to the movements they’ll be doing, no baggy clothes.

The wonderlands creatures – Think Wind in the Willow or the Fabulous Mr Fox. Old fashion clothes; wool, tweed, vests, velvet jackets. They have made the animal masks they’ll be wearing. I’ve supplied Bryce, Ore and Erica with their costumes and am still looking for something for Deanne, Angelica and Verica. If you think you could help please let me know.

Alice, her sister and their cat – their costumes have been completed, or close to it.

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Open up the word document then write the question and answer on the grid sheet provided.

Fractions test

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Use this second speech and poem on the same subject to fill out the table on your side.





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