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Complete the worded problems we’ve been working on. Remember full equation, not just the answer.

Read through the information on the following page Read for a second time and take notes. Rewrite your notes into your own words and post it onto your blog.

Go to and work your way through all the activities listed under Fractions and mixed numbers and Operations with fractions

Go to and work your way through all the activities listed under 6th Grade Math

If you get stuck go to then work through the activites listed under Fractions

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Connect to Reading! (Thanks to Andrea and Liz for the following information and all their great work in organising next week’s events)

Next week is Book Week and we are getting ready for lots of fun! Here is the timetable and an outline of what will be happening…

Book Swap Meet- We invite all students to bring along any books from home that they are ready to pass on to others. Then if you have given a book to the swap meet you can select one to take home that someone else has donated. Recycling at its best!

Literary Trivia Quiz- Prep to 2 and 3 to 6. Students will play on house teams, show their literary knowledge, sing, dance, and have fun with kids of different ages and win prizes!
Dress up day- come as a book character!

Multiage Book Activities- Each group works on one of the Children’s Book Council shortlisted books for Book of the Year. They will read and discuss the book then produce artistic responses, which will be displayed all around the school!

Readers Theatre performances of familiar stories will go onto class blogs.

Our Year 6 Literacy Masters will run-
The Guess How Many Books In the Library Competition
Survey students and teachers and publish their findings on our favourite authors
Lunchtime craft activities based on different stories for Prep/1/2, 3/4, and 5/6.

Whole school SQUIRT, Super Quiet Uninterrupted Reading Time, where everyone, teachers and students alike will stop everything and read!

New Authors- we will have a display of student published writing in the library. Parents can visit the display after school on Wednesday and Thursday.


Making Connections is one of the reading strategies encouraged and taught across all reading ages.

Parents can encourage it through discussion at home about books and characters and the connections they make when reading.

Reading Hour is this month on the 19th of August, 6-7pm, follow this link to find out more 

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As we continue with this term’s Class Masters you might find the following resources helpful. These and similar documents can be found at the SA Debating website:

Debating An Introduction For Beginners

Chairman and Timekeeper Form

Adjudication Rubric

Finally remember the following when speaking:

  • Scan around the audience making eye contact with them.
  • Use a loud clear voice. Don’t talk too fast and use expression in your voice to make your speech more interesting.
  • Use hand gestures when appropriate. Don’t hold your palm cards up in front of your face.
  • Stand still. Try not to rock back and forth or shuffle from foot to foot.