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Open up the word document then write the question and answer on the grid sheet provided.

Fractions test

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Use this second speech and poem on the same subject to fill out the table on your side.



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In pairs, create a written report on your investigation of a weather extremes condition. Download the following word document to help you plan your report. Extreme Weather report planner 

Your report should include answers to the following questions:

What causes this type of disaster?

Where does this type of disaster mainly occur?

How much warning is there that this disaster is going to occur?

How could people prepare for this type of disaster?

What sort of damage does it do to people and the environment?

List the different ways people could be affected – for example, school child, farmer, transport worker, business operator, tourism worker. Who would be most affected?

What support might affected people need in order to rebuild their lives?

Why might people live in an area affected by this type of disaster?

Research process

Step 1 – define your topic and task requirements

Step 2 – background research

Step 3 – note taking

Step 4 – plan the document

Step 5 – drafting, conferencing, editing

Step 6 – submission


1.    Your assignment must be neat and easy to follow.

2.     Each person in the group must have the same input to the assignment.

4.    Your assignment may be any size, but please do not go overboard.

5.    You must include a bibliography when you hand in your assignment.


You can use as the basis of your research, but you can use other websites and books which must be included in your bibliography.