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April 29, 2016
by leesclassroom

Today’s Science Lesson Challenge

If we have the problem of creating a new container for carrying liquids on a boat, discuss & decide:

  • what would be the ‘state’ of matter that would be suitable?
  • what would be  3 types of solid that might work?
  • What properties that would matter?

To help decide we will to compare the properties of the different materials. Let’s use these to create a comparison matrix to make our decision.

Which solid would you use to create a new type of liquid  carrier to use on boats
Property and why it matters
  malleability absorbency hardness density/weight

So….explain and justify which solid you would use… 

Follow up activities:



April 28, 2016
by leesclassroom

Homework Update

I’ve a few students asking about what Behind The News they should be doing this term. Last term I provided a list of episodes that had to do with politics and government, which was our integrated topic.

This term I won’t be providing a list. Our unit is chemistry and our topic is states of matter. This is not really going to be discussed on a program that looks at the news.

So this term I’m suggesting each week you go to the list of latest episodes and select one to write about. With the up coming election I’m sure there will be many articles covering politics. These will allow you to use some of the knowledge you developed last term.

Also as the purpose of this part of you homework is to encourage you to take an interest in current events it’ll be good if you start looking at all the stories offered. Choose one based on what you are interested in, what showed you something new or one you may have you own opinion on.

I look forward to reading your responses.


April 27, 2016
by leesclassroom

For Today’s Science Lesson

With a partner read and take notes from one of these sources:



(these and other sites on atoms and molecules are linked on Ant’s blog- http://antsclass.global2.vic.edu.au/sample-page/)


Once you are done you will share with class what you have learned.

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