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Preparing for Graduation: The Valedictory Speech


With the end of the year fast approaching there are a few key events to prepare for. For our year sixes none is more important than graduation. A key element of the evening is the valedictory speech.

As Grace Fleming explains on About.com the terms “valedictory” and “valedictorian” come from the Latin valedicere, which means (or pertains to) a formal farewell. Grace goes on to explain “the valedictory should fulfill two goals: it should convey a “sending off” message to the members of a graduating class; but it should also inspire graduating students to leave the comfort and security of their school with a full heart, and to embark on an exciting new adventure.”

This year all year 6s will be expected to write a speech, even if they don’t intend to deliver it on the night. Those who wish to be considered for the opportunity to speak on graduation night will need to read their speech in front of all the 5/6s next Monday, the 9th. You will need a printed copy of your speech to be handed to your teacher on Monday morning.

For some suggestions go to Grace Fleming’s full article at http://homeworktips.about.com/od/speechclass/qt/valedictory.htm

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