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School Captain Interview Questions

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Recently many year 5 students applied for the position of 2014 school captains. After reading their applications to their peers students voted and a short list of candidates was created. This group will now meet with our Principal, Assistant Principal, SCR Coordinator and this year’s current school captains.

Taking it up a level, rather than submit a written application they’ll face one on one interviews and be asked to respond to questions along the following lines.

“What things have you done in the past that would help you in this role?”

“How do you see the values of our school incorporated into how you will do this job?”

” Why do you think the job of school captain is important to our school and to you personally?”

The standard of initial responses was high and I’d love to be a fly on the wall during the up coming interviews. The candidates are all confidant, articulate and engaging individuals. The panel have a tough decision ahead of them, best of luck to all candidates.

One Comment

  1. Very reliable, got asked the exact same questions when I had my school captain interview.

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