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Passing an Act of Parliment


A bill is an idea for a law or a change to an existing law.
If it is passed by both houses of Parliament, and signed by the Governor-General, a bill becomes law (an Act) . It is then known as an Act of Parliament.
Imagine that your group has to make a decision about which laws the Parliament will make. This group is called the Cabinet. It is made up of the Prime Minister and top-level ministers.

Download this PDF to see the tasks and to read the marking rubric for assessment (PEO: Units-of-Work Assessment). Tasks 1–5 are group tasks. Tasks 6 and 7 are individual tasks:

  • TASK 1: Think of three issues that your Cabinet wants to make a new law about. These could
    be any issues that relate to Australian society, such as school or the environment. Write down
    your ideas.
  • TASK 2: Choose one of these issues and do some research about it. Write down four
    questions about the issue to start your research. You can use the internet or books in the
    library, ask people in the community for their opinions or conduct a survey.
  • TASK 3: Think about a new law that could be made about this issue. Make your idea for a
    law into a statement explaining what your law will do, including the words ‘Bill’ and ‘Act’. For
    example: The No Homework Bill. A Bill for an Act to ban homework in all Australian schools.
  • TASK 4: When you have chosen the wording for your bill, write down a list of arguments for
    and against the bill (include at least three arguments for each side).
  • TASK 5: Write down a change that could be made to improve this bill.
  • TASK 6: Each group member must decide which side of the argument they agree with and
    write a paragraph to explain why. Use correct terms such as Bill, Act, Cabinet and Parliament.
  • TASK 7: Each group member needs to write a reflection about how the group worked together.
    What worked or didn’t work well? Why or why not?

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