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Introducing the Question Matrix


A question matrix will help you think of questions that will require more than one word answers. It helps you make interesting questions. (open ended questions)

At the top of the matrix knowledge and information questions are generated.

The lower rows of the matrix generate questions that require analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Key elements to think about…

  • Think of your topic.
  • Look at the words going down the side of the page to choose the first word of your question.
  • Then look across the top of your page and choose the second word to make up your question.
  • Now complete the rest of the question, relating it to the topic that you wanted to find out about.



  • more than one question can be placed in each box
  • several questions build around a theme
  • can students spot the questions asked in previous lesson sequence where we introduced each different types of natural disasters? Where are they on the matrix?

sample bushfire question matrix

blank question matrix

rubric for question matrix

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