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2 Week Story


For the last two weeks of term we will be working on writing a short story that demonstrates all the skills and understandings we have worked on this term. We will be spending a full hour on each stage of crafting the story. Below I’ve listed the steps plus an example of the elements to include. It is also an example of planning for writing. We will spend a whole lesson on developing our plans before starting to write.

(1) The Beginning


  • Eric is a woodcutter
  • Tall, handsome, dark hair, deep brown eyes
  • Kind man, looks after his dad


  • Lives in a forest – light twinkling through trees, birds twittering, leaves rustling

(2) The Build Up

  • Villagers hear noises at night
  • Some trees have been burnt down
  • Villagers worried
  • Ways to describe feelings – the hairs stood up on the back of Eric’s neck and a cold bead of sweat trickled down his back

(3) The Problem

  • Night time – Eric sleeping
  • Suddenly hears shouting
  • Rushes outside – sees a dragon swooping off
  • King is upset/sad – Princess Isabelle has been taken
  • A reward (her hand in marriage) is offered to whoever rescues her

(4) The Resolution

  • Eric takes father’s sword
  • Dragon’s lair is up a steep narrow path, prickly bushes
  • Eric feels – frightened, determined, brave
  • Fights dragon
  • Rescues princess

(5) The Ending

  • King is happy to see daughter
  • Eric marries Princess Isabelle
  • Village celebrates
  • Big party

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