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Design Brief: Historical Artefact


Your assignment is to design and construct a Colonial Australian Historical Artefact.

You will investigate, design and produce a model representing some aspect of life in early Australia. For inspiration check out paintings and pictures of that time, I’ve placed some below. What were people using, making or wearing? Think transport. shelter, clothing, tools.


Investigate and design

  • What information do you need to develop your design?
  • Make a list of questions you need to research.
  • Use simple mind maps, sketches and labelled diagrams to explore different design solutions.
  • Choose one design solution, draw a more detailed plan and make a list of materials required.
  • Record a list of design goals that’ll you use to evaluate your completed artefact.


  • Using your plan and list of materials construct your artefact.
  • Make ongoing modifications to your design and develop alternative solutions to fix any problems in your design.

Analysis and Evaluate

  • Present your finished Colonial Australian Historical Artefact to the rest of the class. Explain its various features and why you have included them into your design.
  • Explain the difficulties or problems that you had and how you worked to overcome them.
  • Evaluate your completed product using your list of design goals.





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