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Six Room Poems


Today we looked at creating free verse poems using the six room process.

The rooms we used come from  Awakening the Heart: Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School by Georgia Heard. In her book Georgia has some suggestions for other rooms which I’ve listed in a previous post (More Six Room Process Poems) but for beginners I suggest you start with the initial six. Finally remember these are free verse poms, many students get stuck on the rules of poetry they may have learnt in previously

Room 1: Think of a subject from nature—something amazing, beautiful, or interesting. Close your eyes and try to visualize it clearly. Notice details, and describe it as accurately as you can.

Room 2: Look at the same image, but just focus on the quality of light. Is the sun bright? Is it a dull, flat day? Are there any shadows? Describe any colors you see.

Room 3: Picture the same image and focus only on sounds. Are there any voices? Rustling of leaves? Sound of rain? If it’s silent, what kind of silence—empty, lonely, peaceful?

Room 4: Write down any questions you have about the image. Anything you want to know more about? Anything you wonder about?

Room 5: Write down any feeling you have about this same image.

Room 6: Look over the five rooms and select one word, or a few words, a phrase, a line, or a sentence that feels important and repeat it three times.

After the steps are completed use the words and phrases to create a free verse poem. You can change the order or even leave lines or words out rooms.

During this week you’ll start to find six room poems appearing on various student’s blogs. Links to their sites can be found to the left of this page under CLASS BLOGS.

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