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Forces: Movement, Direction and Shape


What makes our bikes go? what makes them stop when we brake? Why do apples fall from trees?

After our experiments today watch this video and read through the following information.


You have probably heard the word “force” before. Here are a few examples: “the rocket had a lot of force at blast off” or “the force of the storm blew the roof off the building.” What is force? Force is defined as a push or pull on an object.


When your foot pushes against the pedal of your bike the push makes the wheels of the bike move. When an apple falls from a tree, it is pulled to the ground by gravity.

Forces affect how objects move. They may cause motion; they may also slow, stop, or change the direction of motion of an object that is already moving.

Force can change a number of things about an object. They include:

  • direction
  • speed
  • both direction and speed
  • shape

Some examples of force changing the direction of an object.

  • A good soccer player can control the motion of a soccer ball by applying a force that changes the ball’s direction but not its speed.
  • Swinging a ball on a string around your head.

Some examples of force changing the direction and speed of an object.

  • A tennis player returning a very fast serve.
  • Starting on a swing.

Some examples of force changing the shape of an object.

  • A hammer beating a piece of metal.
  • A trampoline as someone jumps on it.


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