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The Rainbow Lorikeet


Earlier this week Amerie brought in to class a picture she had painted a couple of years ago. The class was so impressed we used it as a writing prompt for a short writing dash. Below are a couple of examples of the different takes various students had on the amazing image.

As she pulled out her paintbrush as she was unsheathing a sword, she painted a beautiful piece of art. It had so much texture and detail it was unbelievable, the image on the canvas was so colorful and all the shading was in the exact spot and there was no mistakes at all.

The picture was a beautiful rainbow lorikeet standing proud on a very thick branch and the background was filled with colour. Every time you glanced at the wonderful canvas you would definitely feel like the right comment for this incredible picture would be “This is absolute WOW FACTOR type of art” and you would be expecting to see this in an elegant gallery.

The image was so realistic it felt like a bird was about to spread their wings and saw past you the image was so real. You would expect the finest artists to be impressed.

I even though the Mona Lisa would be jealous.



I saw it, I really did. The rainbow lorikeet, a beak as black as coal and feathers so colourful I could notice them from a mile away. I went to get my camera from my bag to take photo but… OH NO! My the distance. I set of the next day in search of this lovely creature but I forgot my camera so I went back to my room to get it. Then on my window seal was the bird. I got my camera and it was still there. I took a photo and treasured it for ever.



That painting is the most colourful and beautiful painting ever, it’s so well drawn and the detail on the parrot is great. I also love the little bits of colours around the parrot. I say it’s the best parrot painting I have ever seen!


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