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May 23, 2019
by leesclassroom

Year 3/4 Term 2 Science Unit

Dear Parents/Carers,

This term as a part of our Chemical Science unit the Year 3/ 4 students will be investigating the physical properties of various materials, and how these properties can influence their use. At the end of unit students will use this understanding to complete a design brief which will require them to design a suitable package to transport a selected item through the post. The product package will need to satisfy a range of criteria that will be established during the unit.

To assist with this classwork we are seeking your assistance in a couple of areas.

  1. We ask that parents/ carers, when the opportunity arises please acknowledge and discuss the various forms of package that you and your child come across on a day to day basis.

This could be anything from the pasta you cook for dinner to your latest online shopping delivery.

Areas of discussion could include:

  • What is the material?
  • How suitable is its design and construction?
  • What could you replace it with?
  • Where does it end up after it’s served its purpose, any environmental impacts?

It is really helpful for your child if these are open questions leading them to think through their responses, and allows them to generate any subsequent questions. The aim if increase their awareness and skills of observation while building on what is being explored in the classroom.

  1. The second area you can help is allowing your child to collect a range simple materials they can use when they come to design their own packaging during the second half of the term. Again we ask this is driven by the students, allowing them to develop their sense of questioning and investigation. While we won’t be looking at large amounts we want students to think about suitability and quality and collect a variety to allow for experimentation. We will also be explaining to students that this is a collaborative unit and they should be prepared to share any materials they bring that they may not end up using themselves.


Thank you for support with this classroom activity and we look forward to seeing what the students come up with.

August 7, 2017
by leesclassroom

Science Week Task

Last week we looked at the pieces of an apple to understand the ‘land where people can live, but do not necessarily grow the food needed for life’. (If you want to show your family this exercise go to: http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/cur/socstud/frame_found_sr2/tns/tn-31.pdf)

As we peeled away the skin we learnt how small the amount of the Earth’s land is that is suitable to grow food.

For the next step we want you to reflect on the activity and describe what we all can do to help conserve and improve soils. The following films highlight the importance of good soil and the role of a soil scientist.



Schools can also play a part. Check out Darwin’s Girraween Primary School’s worm farm and how it has benefited their school. ‘How-to-Guide. Building a worm farm…it’s fun and easy!’.

For this year’s science week we want you to undertake some ‘scientific research’ in this important area of creating a more sustainable world. This means how do we use the Earth’s resources in a way that is fair, equal and will ensure they are there for future generations.

Think about Lucy’s world (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aQVQbGDojo&feature=youtu.be)

What solutions could you come up to attain a sustainable ‘Future Earth’ for children who live in places like Uganda. Ask yourself ‘What’s the one thing you would do to change the world and make it more sustainable?

Discuss the question with your family and friends, go online see what ideas others have. You’ll probably notice the different actions and responses could be grouped in areas similar to the following examples:

  • soil conservation ideas
  • water conservation ideas
  • sustainable ways to grow food
  • ideas to improve people’s health and well-being
  • ideas to change lives and the Earth

Using these ideas try to visualise a sustainable ‘Future Earth’. What might it look like? What might it sound like? How might it feel like?

What possible solutions can you come up with for achieving a sustainable ‘Future Earth’.

Finally we want you to present your solutions using a pop up display method called a ‘triorama’. Use this to tell others how they might help others work towards a sustainable ‘Future Earth’. In the top of the triorama your model a model to demonstrate, while at the base you place your words.

(Note: A simple triorama could consist of one triangle which shows one of your solutions. While you can also join four together to make a larger one showing several suggested solutions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYpRO6q3rX8)

February 11, 2017
by leesclassroom
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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to a new year and a new class in a new year level.

To be begin, with attached is the year 3/4 handbook for parents. This document was presented at the information session last week and includes details relating to various aspects of the up coming school year. It covers areas such as curriculum, the eConnect program, MPPS blogs, expectations around student behaviour, home learning, camp, sport, clubs and activities.

3-4 Handbook

Please read through this handout to familiarise yourself with the various aspects of your child’s school year. Shortly I will be posting a yearly overview to give you a snapshot of the curriculum for this year.

Any follow up questions on the handbook, or on how your child is settling in, please feel free to contact me. If you wish to make an appointment your child has my email address in their diary or I am available most mornings from 7:45. The afternoons can be a little bit more difficult as on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’m in meetings from 3:30 to 4:30. Otherwise I look forward to meeting you at the parent teacher exchange night on the 28th of this month.

I’ve already meet several parents over recent and at the parent information night. For parents who haven’t met me, or may not know me, this blog will give you an introduction to my work at MPPS. Teaching is a late career for me and this is my ninth year at our school. In my time here as well as being a class rooom teacher I have the eLearning Coordinator and the 5/6 Team Leader. While for the last few I have been working in the 5/6 team I have taught in 3/4 several times and if you dig deep you’ll see posting on this site from those times.

This sites will not only feature classroom news and work samples it also contains various pages of information, resources and links for students and parents. I’m currently in the process of  changing some of the pages, such as the editing and proof reading checklist, to be more relevant for 3/4s.

I’m excited to be working with your children this year, the class has settled in well I can already see it is filled with a variety of characters.

November 17, 2015
by leesclassroom

MPPS eConnect Information Session 2015


Dear 2016 Year 4 Parents,

The eConnect program is a 1:1 mobile device program for all students currently in years 4, 5 and 6. Next year this will be available for your child.

This program provides the opportunity for our students to enter a new world of curriculum possibilities, enhancing students’ engagement and involvement in their learning by having their own mobile device to take to class and home each day.

All students in years 4 next year and their parents are invited to an information session in the Library on Wednesday 18th November at 6pm. We will have our 5/6 team leader Lee Pregnell and some students showcase the program. We will also provide information regarding the next roll out of improved mobile devices that are available for parents to purchase to support their child’s learning in 2016. There have been two units which have been carefully selected by MPPS staff and leadership for parents to choose from; Acer Aspire Switch 10 Pro and Acer Aspire Switch 11 Pro. The choice between the devices will assist parents in regards to price and compatibility. The purchase of units will be a change from previous years as it will be directly through the DEECD accredited supplier (Learning with Technologies) via an online portal that will also manage warranty and insurance claims. Devices can be purchased outright or financed.

While not a compulsory program the devices support work at school and at home and prepare them very well when moving into secondary college where one to one device programs are implemented.

If you are unable to attend, please notify Lee Pregnell via email at moonee.ponds.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au or telephone the school on 9375 2511. A detailed letter will be sent home to families that don’t attend. Of course if you have any further questions please speak to Lee Pregnell or Matt Bott.


MPPS eConnect Information Session 2015

When: Wednesday 18th November

Where: Library

When 6:00pm

September 18, 2012
by leesclassroom

Fruit & Veggie Incursion

On the 7th of September 2012 the 1/2 and 3/4s  went to a incursion that was held in the school gym. It started at 11:30AM and ended at 12:30AM it was about the Victorian Farmers market, how it works and what it produces and, how things end up at home for food and snacks and sometimes other things. The incursion was led by two women called Techern and Caroline.

They introduced themselves than started telling us of the importannce of the market and the food it produces. They also told us about healthy lifestyle and food and how to mantain it. They explained the cycle of how it grows, to the market and finaly on our plates. They explained this through a Video they added a sense of humor by doing silly characters and putting a rabbit in every scene if you want to see it click here. They showed us pictures of fruit that looked very fresh they explained how it grows and how they pick it. One of these very many fruits they talked about was the Avacado we learnt ,how healthy they are and that they are perfect before and after sport. They gave us a tour of the Market through pictures and words. 

Then we got to try fruit straight from the Market it was served to the ravenous children. Almost everything was delicious there where Mushrooms, Apples, Pears, Carrots, kiwi fruit, Mandarine,Orange and  Celery with Avacado dip everyone used their manners and ate ravounasly. Some people made really funny faces with what was left of their scraps. Sadly it was time to leave we all lined up in a orderly fashion and went to our classrooms silently. Once we were in there we waited for lee to give the command to put our scraps in the compostbin.

And we learnt how healthy you can be and how yum being healthy we can be. We also learnt  


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