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August 30, 2018
by leesclassroom

The Rainbow Lorikeet

Earlier this week Amerie brought in to class a picture she had painted a couple of years ago. The class was so impressed we used it as a writing prompt for a short writing dash. Below are a couple of examples of the different takes various students had on the amazing image.

As she pulled out her paintbrush as she was unsheathing a sword, she painted a beautiful piece of art. It had so much texture and detail it was unbelievable, the image on the canvas was so colorful and all the shading was in the exact spot and there was no mistakes at all.

The picture was a beautiful rainbow lorikeet standing proud on a very thick branch and the background was filled with colour. Every time you glanced at the wonderful canvas you would definitely feel like the right comment for this incredible picture would be “This is absolute WOW FACTOR type of art” and you would be expecting to see this in an elegant gallery.

The image was so realistic it felt like a bird was about to spread their wings and saw past you the image was so real. You would expect the finest artists to be impressed.

I even though the Mona Lisa would be jealous.



I saw it, I really did. The rainbow lorikeet, a beak as black as coal and feathers so colourful I could notice them from a mile away. I went to get my camera from my bag to take photo but… OH NO! My the distance. I set of the next day in search of this lovely creature but I forgot my camera so I went back to my room to get it. Then on my window seal was the bird. I got my camera and it was still there. I took a photo and treasured it for ever.



That painting is the most colourful and beautiful painting ever, it’s so well drawn and the detail on the parrot is great. I also love the little bits of colours around the parrot. I say it’s the best parrot painting I have ever seen!


December 11, 2017
by leesclassroom

As we head towards the end of the year and the Christmas break I often get students coming up to me and in casual conversation asking, “Leeeee, do you like chocolate?” or “Leeeee, do you like wine?”

While I appreciate the subtlety with which they approach their assignment, I think I know what is behind the well crafted espionage.

As a teacher I neither expect nor want gifts at this time of year. That said I know some students and families want to show appreciation for a long and full year. If you do feel so inclined I ask that you instead look towards a donation.

I’m a subscriber to the Save the Children and know they have many avenues to contribute over the Christmas period. Their site, as with other charity sites, contains information about the projects they have which could provide a useful discussion starter for you and your child.

The Save the Children Little Helpers site has a  range of donation gifts which are aimed at creating better lives for children.

Another charity that is close to my family’s heart is Qhubeka which helps change lives in Africa. Through donating purpose built brand new bicycles Qhubeka creates easier access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity.

Again these are just recommendations, you or your family may have their own preferences. I do ask if you do donate please discuss it with your  child, it is never to early to develop global awareness and learn about some of the ways people and organisations are responding to various issues.

March 24, 2017
by leesclassroom

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we started off with integrated studies by doing a poster on rules about the school grounds and laws on the road we explained it in pictures and words we also found out how laws are made in Australia.

We also learnt how to improve our story’s by rewriting to have better understanding on how to write our story’s we did the begging, build up problem, resolution and ending.

We did the reciprocal teaching to read texts in our reading groups on rules and laws and went through the steps which are predict read clarify question and summarise we have been focusing on deep questioning.   

In maths we did renaming and regrouping for a purpose using a think board we were focusing on explaining we used first I … next I … then I ….  And using because to really explain our thinking this helped so we can get a really good understanding.  

We have also been learning about reading like a reader and reading like a writer and the differences between the two.               

March 21, 2017
by leesclassroom

Weekly Wrap Up

This week we begin a regular series of posts where students talk about the learning that occured within the class. Below is our first posting from last week’s student reporters, Mariana and Adrian.

This week we got into groups to do reciprocal teaching, the steps of reciprocal teaching are Predicting, Reading, Clarifying, Questioning and Summarizing.

We also learnt about the three different types of verbs such as action verbs. They are an action that is physical or mental. A linking verb links words that describe label or identify nouns or pronouns, and helping verbs help the main verb express an action or a state of being.

We regularly write a piece of writing. This week we wrote a fiction text about someone who is kind.

This week in numeracy we did place value. In the topic of place value we did renaming and expanding. Here is an example of expanding:

4567 becomes 4000+500+60+7. With the knowledge of place value, in groups we measured our height.

In integrated studies we talked in groups about what if we tried to go shopping with no road laws, our groups got given a person. They were cyclist, parent with small kid, blind person with a guide dog, migrant or foreigner that is not a citizen, and an old citizen. We also read our independent reading book regularly.

February 11, 2017
by leesclassroom
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Welcome to 2017

Welcome to a new year and a new class in a new year level.

To be begin, with attached is the year 3/4 handbook for parents. This document was presented at the information session last week and includes details relating to various aspects of the up coming school year. It covers areas such as curriculum, the eConnect program, MPPS blogs, expectations around student behaviour, home learning, camp, sport, clubs and activities.

3-4 Handbook

Please read through this handout to familiarise yourself with the various aspects of your child’s school year. Shortly I will be posting a yearly overview to give you a snapshot of the curriculum for this year.

Any follow up questions on the handbook, or on how your child is settling in, please feel free to contact me. If you wish to make an appointment your child has my email address in their diary or I am available most mornings from 7:45. The afternoons can be a little bit more difficult as on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I’m in meetings from 3:30 to 4:30. Otherwise I look forward to meeting you at the parent teacher exchange night on the 28th of this month.

I’ve already meet several parents over recent and at the parent information night. For parents who haven’t met me, or may not know me, this blog will give you an introduction to my work at MPPS. Teaching is a late career for me and this is my ninth year at our school. In my time here as well as being a class rooom teacher I have the eLearning Coordinator and the 5/6 Team Leader. While for the last few I have been working in the 5/6 team I have taught in 3/4 several times and if you dig deep you’ll see posting on this site from those times.

This sites will not only feature classroom news and work samples it also contains various pages of information, resources and links for students and parents. I’m currently in the process of  changing some of the pages, such as the editing and proof reading checklist, to be more relevant for 3/4s.

I’m excited to be working with your children this year, the class has settled in well I can already see it is filled with a variety of characters.

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