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Cybersafety Info, Resources and Advice

This page gives you resources and activities to keep safe online.

This link will take you to the KIDS’ HELPLINE page:


If you have any worries and you feel unable to talk to a trusted adult about the issue this is a perfect place to get help

The direct phone number is: 1800 55 1800


Next is a link to our annual student cyber survey. The information you post on this survey is completely anonymous (no-one will know who wrote the answers). It allows us to collect information on the types of technology our students use as well the ways they use them. This will help us better take care of you and provide learning activities that suit your ICT use: Survey Monkey


Finally here are two fun and interactive learning modules on cybersafety. If you don’t get to do this in class, you may want to do it with your parents:



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