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Synthesizing (Synthesize Information)

As they read, good readers will track their thinking as it evolves. This will enable them to  develop their understand of the overall meaning.

Synthesizing is similar to summarizing but goes deeper, it takes the process of summarizing one step further. Readers combine what is important from the book (summarize) with their background knowledge, thoughts and reflections.

“Synthesis is the process of ordering, recalling, retelling, and recreating into a coherent whole the information with which our minds are bombarded every day. It allows us to sift through details in order to focus on those pieces we need to know and remember. It is the ability to collect a variety of facts and connect them to a central theme or idea.”

– Susan Zimmermann (7 Keys to Comprehension: How to Help Your Kids Read It and Get It!)

What you can do at home

  • When reading pause every now and then to talk about both the facts that are important and facts that are interesting.
  • Share your thinking. What does it all mean to me?
  • Come up with questions about the book that aren’t just about the plot. Make connections to your life.
  • Ttalk about what you are reading and share your thoughts around this.

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