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How to Organise My Homework

Below are the various tasks that make up homework for 3/4D students in 2017. Tasks will begin on Mondays. Students should begin homework tasks as early as possible so that if they encounter problems they have time to ask me for clarification and guidance. Homework is to be completed and handed in by Fridays.


Students need to

  • READ for at least 30 minutes every night. Book titles need to be recorded on the title tally list in the                  homework books.
  • One summary per week about the book they are currently reading.
  • Select one new word from their just right book to investigate,in order to expand their vocabulary. The     outline of the aspects of the word they need to investigate is added below. Expanding Our Vocabulary Homework outline
  • HOTmaths tasks will be given every couple of weeks. Students will be told when a task is “live”. Students can go onto HOTmaths to revise at anytime by navigating the website.
  • Homework should be handed in on Fridays and books will be returned on Mondays.


My advise is to set up a plan where you do each task at the same time each week. For example every Monday I’ll do my HOTmaths, starting at 5 o’clock, Wednesday I’ll do the word study at 6 o’clock and on Thursday I’ll go over my reading summary as soon as I get home from school. This way you won’t have to fret over what you have to do, when will you fit it in and so on. Each task should only take 10 to 20 minutes.

I’ve spoken to some students about doing the following task as well.

Behind The News

  • Write a weekly post on a Behind The News article.
  • Your post should have a title (BTN:the name of the article). Copy the url (web address) of the episode and paste it at the bottom of your post so people can check the episode. If you know how to create a category, categorise it BTN and any other categories that are appropriate.
  • Start your post with a summary sentence- what was the article about.
  • In your post include 3 recalls (pieces of information that stay with you) , 2 insights (understanding) you’ve gained from the news report and at least 1 question you are left with. Write this as a couple of flowing paragraphs.
  • Always go back and check spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Show to parent (they can add a comment to show you have done so)
  • Parents checking to see it makes sense
  • An extra option is to use Audacity to record your completed post and add an mp3 to post.

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