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  1. lee i fogot my spelling city password can you tell me.OK

  2. If you talk about organized and valuable learning then Lee’s classroom is the place where you should be. The assignments, the classroom sessions and the method of teaching, all are simply commendable.

  3. Lee, I’ve changed my theme becuase the other one didn’t work out for me.


  4. Lee I am having trouble with turning the slide-share computer code into an actual power point. Could you please reply to tell me how to fix it.


  5. Luca, without looking at what you are doing the only thing I can suggest is to make sure you are in the HTML rather than visual mode when you are creating the new post. This is where you post the code you copy from slideshare when you click on the embed icon. Also you won’t be able to see the PowerPoint until you publish your post and go to your homepage. Trust this helps, of not we’ll look into back at school.

  6. Lee a YouTube video is apart of my presentation!
    Is there some way that I can show it to the class!
    Please lee can you help me!

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