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July 20, 2017
by leesclassroom

Today we began our unit on early Australian history by looking at some Dreamtime stories.

We learnt The Dreaming often translate as – ‘see and understand the law‘.

The Dreamtime explains the Aboriginal understanding of the world. It shares stories of the world’s creation, and it’s earliest stories. They explain the beginning of knowledge which became the laws of the land. In various ways they stress the importance of relationships between the land, animals and people.

Dreaming stories pass on important knowledge, cultural values and belief systems from generation to generation. This is done through song, dance, painting and storytelling.

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We also learnt about the importance of a particular creator ancestor for indigenous Victorians, Bunjil the Eagle.

June 29, 2017
by leesclassroom

Does Colour Affect Heat Absoption

Check out this great short video from Alexia Gulli, St Mark’s Primary School Drummoyne, NSW.

It won her the 2016 University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize Primary. (To find out more about the Eureka Prize got to: http://australianmuseum.net.au/eureka)

The good thing about Alexia’s video is how she clearly presents her investigation. She:

  • Predicts, Based on prior knowledge and past experiences
  • Observes, Alexia is clear on the purpose of her experiment and stays focused. In this case she was observing and recording the change in temperature
  • Explains, Connects her observations with her predicts. As the

June 28, 2017
by leesclassroom

Term 2 Heat Project

In this term’s science unit the class has been learning about heat.

They have investigated how heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another, the connection between the gain or loss of heat by an object and change in the temperature, and how heat can be transferred through direct contact or from a distance.

The have also explored the difference between heat and temperature, how a thermometer works and what is an insulator.

They have created PowerPoints containing much of what they have learnt. These can be found on the grade 4 blogs. Below are two examples made by teams of grade 3 students.

Heat by Thomas and Sanja

Heat by Liv and Antoinette

June 26, 2017
by leesclassroom

Heat Unit: Resources and Holiday Experiments

Below I’ve listed some sites which might help with your PowerPoint. Beneath that are several heat and energy experiments you might be interested in doing during the holidays. Remember to always check with a parent before carrying out any experiments.


What is Heat? – Definition & Explanation

How Heat Energy Works.

What is Heat Energy? – Facts & Calculation

Forms of Energy: Thermal, Radiant, Chemical, Electric & Nuclear Energy

Energy Transfer: Examples & Overview

Mechanisms of Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection & Radiation


What is Conduction in Science? – Definition & Examples

What is Evaporation? – Definition & Examples

What is Temperature? – Definition & Measurement

Measuring Temperature in the Lab: Instruments & Process


Holiday experiments:

Water balloon and candle

Convection spiral

Why do temperature layers form in oceans

Does hot water freeze faster than cold water?

Pizza box solar oven

How to make honeycomb

Make a simple thermometer

Endothermic reaction

June 23, 2017
by leesclassroom

2 Week Story

For the last two weeks of term we will be working on writing a short story that demonstrates all the skills and understandings we have worked on this term. We will be spending a full hour on each stage of crafting the story. Below I’ve listed the steps plus an example of the elements to include. It is also an example of planning for writing. We will spend a whole lesson on developing our plans before starting to write.

(1) The Beginning


  • Eric is a woodcutter
  • Tall, handsome, dark hair, deep brown eyes
  • Kind man, looks after his dad


  • Lives in a forest – light twinkling through trees, birds twittering, leaves rustling

(2) The Build Up

  • Villagers hear noises at night
  • Some trees have been burnt down
  • Villagers worried
  • Ways to describe feelings – the hairs stood up on the back of Eric’s neck and a cold bead of sweat trickled down his back

(3) The Problem

  • Night time – Eric sleeping
  • Suddenly hears shouting
  • Rushes outside – sees a dragon swooping off
  • King is upset/sad – Princess Isabelle has been taken
  • A reward (her hand in marriage) is offered to whoever rescues her

(4) The Resolution

  • Eric takes father’s sword
  • Dragon’s lair is up a steep narrow path, prickly bushes
  • Eric feels – frightened, determined, brave
  • Fights dragon
  • Rescues princess

(5) The Ending

  • King is happy to see daughter
  • Eric marries Princess Isabelle
  • Village celebrates
  • Big party
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