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October 19, 2016
by libby2016

Debate schedule Term 4

Debate Timetable

19/10  Topic: School uniforms are a good idea.

Debate Affirmative Team: Kate, Liam, Leyla

Debate Negative Team: Brynn, Oliver, Zoe

Judges:  Luca, Ebony, Roy

Time Keeper: Indigo

Host: Shanice



27/10  topic: Social networking sites harmful.

Debate Affirmative Team: Lilly, Tara, Connor

Debate Negative Team: Ty, Sasha, Ryan

Judges: Sammy S, Indigo, Leo

Time Keeper: Roy

Host: Brynn



3/11 topic: Kids should be able to go anywhere they wish with their friends?

Debate Affirmative Team: Chiara, Declan, Sammy E

Debate Negative Team: Leo, Sammy S, Indigo

Judges: Brynn, Oliver, Zoe

Time Keeper: Jake

Host: Alexis



9/11 topic: Privacy is a privilege not a right.

Debate Affirmative Team: Jake, Aryaveer, Shanice

Debate Negative Team: Luca, Ebony, Roy

Judges:  Kate, Liam, Leyla

Time Keeper: Ebony

Host: Lilly



23/11 Topic: It is acceptable  to purchase any items you want with your pocket/own money.

Debate Affirmative Team: Ryan, Ty, Sasha

Debate Negative Team:  Brynn, Oliver, Zoe

Judges: Declan, Sammy E, Chiara

Time Keeper: Leo

Host: Flynn


30/11 Topic:  Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful.

Debate Affirmative Team: Liam, Leyla, Kate

Debate Negative Team: Declan, Sammy E, Chiara

Judges:  Ryan, Sasha, Ty

Time Keeper: Aryaveer

Host: Zoe

1/12 Topic:  Television is better than books.

Debate Affirmative Team: Roy, Luca, Ebony

Debate Negative Team: Tara, Connor, Lilly

Judges: Jake, Aryaveer, Shanice

Time Keeper: Liam

Host: Oliver



7/12       Topic: There should not be any zoos in the world.

Debate Affirmative Team: Sammy S, Indigo, Leo

Debate Negative Team: Shanice, Jake, Aryaveer

Judges:  Tara, Connor, Lilly

Time Keeper: Declan

Host: Sammy E



September 16, 2016
by leesclassroom

Term 3 Integrated Unit Reflection

Begin your reflection of what you have learnt during this term’s Science unit.

Your reflection must include:
Section 1
An introduction summarizing the unit.
Three facts that you found interesting or surprising.
Two understandings you now have.
One wonder you still have.
Section 2
Next, refer to your learning throughout the unit (in the whole class, in your groups and working on your information report) and answer:
What were the most important things I have learnt.
How did I learn it.
What am I going to do with what I have learnt.

Also go over your Assessment Matrix and talk about how well you covered the various parts needed for your information report.

Final, refer to your unit goals that your created at the beginning of the term. Write about whether you achieved them and if so how you went about this.

September 11, 2016
by leesclassroom

Concert Costumes

This year we’ll have two main groups of characters in our concert performance, Druids and Highlanders. Below are some suggestions of what these two will look like. I’d prefer it if the druids where in light, neutral colours while the highlanders should have tartan, sashes and sporrans hanging off big buckled belts. They should also have lots of wild red head and beards.

I’m asking each student to make their own costume and suggest they start by checking out the local op shop for anything they can cut up. Remember it’s not about fine detail, as they will only be viewed from a distance.

We’ll be making the other props we need in class. if you have any difficulties, or need further suggestions, please let Libby, Perri or myself know.





September 5, 2016
by leesclassroom

Storybird Writing Challenge

Each month the creators of Storybird set out a writing challenge for Storybird users.

For the September challenge, ‘The New Kid‘ they want you to think back to a time when they tried something new for the first time.

How did it make you feel? Use your experience, and your memories of those emotions, to help you create your characters and tell your story.



1. Theme of the month: The New Kid – Your challenge this month is to write a picture book based on your experience trying something new for the first time. Tap into your own memories and emotions to help bring your (fictional) characters to life. Be sure not to share any personal information like your last name or your school. Remember, all stories submitted to the challenge must follow our community guidelines.

To be eligible for inclusion in the monthly roundup, you must submit your picture book by September 24, 2016.

2. Choose your artwork – Browse our library of images to find the artwork that inspires you. You can choose art by a single illustrator, or search for a keyword to use a selection of art around a particular theme.

3. Submit – When you have finished your book, select “September Challenge” on the book details page before you submit to moderation.

4. Eligibility – Any Storybird member can participate in our writing challenge. You join simply by participating. Paid membership is not required (but it will allow you to display your beautiful badges like the one shown below, receive printable certificates for each challenge, and get lots of other perks.)

Do the Challenge

You must have a Regular account for your story to appear in the public library and to be featured on our blog and to earn the badge. Stories published from Student accounts are only visible to members of your class.

August 31, 2016
by leesclassroom

Battle for Australia Day Second World War Commemoration Ceremony

Next Wednesday the year 6 students will be going to The Shrine of Remembrance to participate in the Battle for Australia Day Second World War Commemoration Ceremony.

The purpose of the ceremony is to commemorate and honour the courage, sacrifice and service of Australians and their Allies who served in the Second World War on the Kokoda Track, at Milne Bay, on the Coral Sea and in other actions during the Pacific War. As a part of the ceremony our school captains, Flynn and Alexis, will be laying a wreath.

The key speaker for the day will be Professor Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld AM, OBE. Professor Rosenfeld is one of Australia’s leading academic neurosurgeons and senior military surgeons. For more information go to:


For more details regarding the day’s commemorative service please go to:


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