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August 17, 2015
by leesclassroom

This week’s homework

100 WC: If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.” ― John Steinbeck, from the book The Grapes of Wrath

BTN: This week’s BTN is an article about a girl running her own business. This connects to what what Lisa from Startsmart talked to us about a couple of weeks ago. BTN-running your own business


August 14, 2015
by leesclassroom

Economics: Banner Ads

This week, as part of our economics unit, we have been looking at the factors affecting our spending and understanding why it is important to be an informed consumer.

In class we have looked at television commercials aimed at young people. We also regularly encounter ads in a variety of environments other than TV. Another form is banner ads. Banner ads are found on websites. They  tend to be image-based rather than text-based and their purpose is to promote a brand or to get visitors from one website to go to the advertiser’s website.

To learn more about the techniques banner ads use follow this link http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit/advertisingtricks/

If you click on the “Click here” button it will open up a pop up that talks about techniques the ad is using. If you ‘refresh’ the page a new ad will come up for you to look at.


August 13, 2015
by leesclassroom

Whole School First Aid Lessons

Today all MPPS students across all year levels will participated in First Aid lessons run by St John Ambulance trainers.

St John Ambulance recognise that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and their First Aid in Schools Program has been developed deliberately to teach First Aid to the youngest members of our community – primary school students. With the majority of accidents occurring within the home and 94% of Australians unsure about how to respond in an emergency, this program aims to develop community resilience.
The lessons are delivered by St John Ambulance Professional Trainers. The knowledge and skills gained will teach our students the importance of First Aid, give them an understanding of what to do in the event of an emergency and integrates with the Victorian curriculum.

The program consists of three age-appropriate modules:

Module 1 (45mins) – Prep to Year 2 (Introducing the notion of first aid at an early age helps to equip children with the confidence and ability to help in an emergency. Topics covered in the course include: Looking for danger, Staying safe, Checking for response (talk and squeeze), How to call for an ambulance, Recognising a paramedic)
Module 2 (45mins) – Year 3 to 4 and Module 3 (45mins) – Year 5 to 6 ( Topics covered in the course include: Introduction and principles of first aid, How to call for an ambulance, Dealing with an unconscious casualty, Recovery position demonstration and practice, Management of external bleeding, How to treat a burn)


In 2014, the second full year of operation, the St John First Aid in Schools Program trained 180,000 primary school students, at no cost to schools or parents. In 2015 the program will deliver free First Aid training to 150,000 Victorian Primary School Students and by 2017, St John Ambulance aims to train 200,000 students each year.
However, the program isn’t a quick fix and they require your support to reach their goal of teaching more Victorian school children each year and returning to schools like ours in future years.
Please support St John in this valuable program so they can continue to build resilience in our community with First Aid knowledge.