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August 15, 2016
by leesclassroom

Year 6 Valedictorian Speech

The internet is full of tips for writing a valedictory speech. YouTube also has many worthwhile samples.

wikiHow includes the following suggestions:

  • Keep it in perspective.
  • Avoid trying to write something that doesn’t reflect your true self.
  • Be open to what the rest of the grade is thinking.
  • Create an introduction.
  • Thank those people who have made a difference in your life and the lives of other students.
  • Add in memories.
  • Acknowledge others.
  • Stay out of cliche zone.

To fully unpack each of these go to: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Valedictorian-Speech


The website about education (http://homeworktips.about.com/od/speechclass/qt/valedictory.htm) also provides advice around:

  • Know Your Purpose
  • Compile a List of Highlights
  • Writing the Speech
  • Use Anecdotes and Quotes
  • Plan for Time
  • Tips for Preparing to Speak 

Finally http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/style-and-usage/writing-your-valedictorian-speech.html has general tips for Valedictory Speeches including how to begin writing it, getting feedback and involving your peers.

For an example of a recent speech given at an MPPS graduation check out http://grace2012.global2.vic.edu.au/

August 11, 2016
by leesclassroom

ToM update: dates and times

All teams will present on Saturday 20th August. Each team will need to have all members at the venue 45 minutes before their first event for the sign in. Teams will need to bring all costumes, props and paperwork. Please ensure all paperwork is completed, by the students, and ready to be presented at sign up and to the judges of your presentation.

The rooms for the long term challenge while be on the venues doors on the day while the those for the spontaneous challenge are recorded below.

Moonee Ponds PS  team 1:

long term challenge 13:00 and 12:00 spontaneous challenge (rm. P1)

Moonee Ponds PS team 2:

long term challenge 12:00 and spontaneous challenge 11:00 (rm. P2)

Moonee Ponds PS team 3:

long term challenge 12:20 and spontaneous challenge 11:20 (rm. P2)

Moonee Ponds PS team 4:

long term challenge 13:20 and spontaneous challenge 12:20 (rm. P2)

A more detailed letter explaining the day’s outline, including a map, will be sent out on Monday the 15th, once we return from camp.

August 5, 2016
by leesclassroom

Back At School Work

For this week you’ll be based in the downstairs 3/4 classrooms. Monday morning go see Barb.

There is a lot of work listed below. Take your time, I don’t expect you’ll get through all of it.  During the week  I expect you’ll also be asked to help out a bit in the classes you are in. I know Nicole might have some Prep blog work you can help with.

The following is a list of work for you for this week.

  • The following chapters from frameworks are on the Maths we’ve covered recently. Year 5 Chapter 6 (Fractions and Decimals), Chapter 7 (Fractions, Decimals and Percentages). Year 6 Chapter 6 (Fractions and Decimals), Chapter 7 (Fractions, Decimals and Percentages). Work your way through them, though leave out the decimals and percentages parts. You also have pages in your HOTmaths book you can work on, go over anything we have covered in class.
  • Each day, after some silent reading, write and edit reading reflections, based on the sheets we use in class. At the end of the week , if you get time, take them through the read like a reader or read like a writer steps to create a more detailed reflection.
  • Finally, as a group, you will be helping the three prep classess with their science week activities in the science lab.

August 5, 2016
by leesclassroom

Final Preparations For Camp


1 Backpack containing Lunch for 1st Day, Snacks for the first day (muesli bars, fruit sticks, etc.) for morning tea, Water bottle, Camera (optional &child’s responsibility), Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Hat (SunSmart), Pocket Money in a small purse or wallet


1 fitted/bottom sheet, 1 Sleeping Bag, 1 Pillow, 2 Towels

* 1 Duffle Bag or Soft suitcase containing:


Socks (daily change), Underwear (daily change), T Shirts/skivvies (2/3), Jeans/Trousers /Slacks) (2 pair), Tracksuit, Shorts (2/3 pair), Jumper/Windcheater (1/2), Pyjamas/Nightie, Waterproof coat/parka, Beanie and sunhat (in daypack), Scarf, 2 plastic bags for wet/dirty clothing, Bathers & towels


Change of shoes or runners (one pair may get wet), I pair of inside shoes (slippers/moccasins/uggs)


Soap and face washer, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Brush & comb, Talc powder/ roll on deodorant, 2 Towels, Tissues/handkerchiefs


Reading material


Camera (child’s responsibility),Torch, 1 Indoor Game, Pocket money (No more than $30.00, please stress with your child this is for souvenirs NOT food or drinks.)

LUGGAGE: (Please keep to minimum.)

1 Duffle bag or soft suitcase, 1 Small back pack as hand luggage

WHAT NOT TO BRING:Electronic games and devices, Chewing gum, Jewellery, watches etc, Spray on deodorantsPLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL ITEMS ARE CLEARLY LABELLED

Spending Money

Students may require some spending money during the trip, as they may like to purchase small souvenirs, postcards, etc; from places they visit. We would like to suggest that THIRTY dollars would be a reasonable amount for the week. (Any amount over this will be taken and returned at the end of the week). All money that your child brings to camp MUST BE in a clearly labelled purse or wallet.

Lollies and Sweets

Students have been asked not to bring lollies and sweets – No food or drink is to be consumed on the bus.

August 5, 2016
by leesclassroom

Natural Disasters: Volcanoes

In today’s lesson you are going to develop your understanding of volcanoes

Research and answers for the following questions:

  • What is a volcano and how is it defined?
  • What conditions are necessary for the formation of volcano ?
  • Where do they occur?

The two additional questions you added as a class were:

  • How does it effect the environment and how do humans react?
  • How can science help?

The volcano simulator we looked at in class is here:



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