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July 18, 2016
by leesclassroom

This Week’s BTN Homework

This week’s BTN homework is a persuasive piece.

Have a look at this piece on The Seed Bank.

Your task is to write a persuasive piece – ‘”The Seed Bank is/is not a Waste of Money

You choose the side you want to argue on. Make sure you have an introduction and conclusion, and for each of your body paragraphs you give a reason backed up with evidence. Don’t forget to use those AFOREST techniques and lots of emotive language.

(Thanks Ant from antsclass for this post)

July 18, 2016
by leesclassroom

Earth Science: Natural Disasters – Some Key Vocabulary

Natural Disasters: Natural disaster, Tornado, Hurricane, Tsunami, Earthquake

Layers of the Earth: Crust, Mantle, Outer core, Inner core

Volcanoes: Volcano, Magma, Lava, Active volcano, Dormant volcano, Ring of fire, Extinct volcano, Tectonic plates

Earthquakes: Earthquake, Seismograph, Tectonic plates, Fault, Elastic rebound, Seismic waves,Body waves, Surface waves, Focus, Epicenter, Compressional stress, Tensional stress, Shear stress, Foreshocks, Aftershocks, Tsunamis

Plate Tectonics: Plate tectonics, Plate, Tectonics, Crust, Mantle, Continental lithosphere, Asthenosphere, Plate boundary, Mantle convection, Ridge path, Plate subduction, Subucting, Slab pull, Mid-ocean ridges, Divergent plate boundary, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Convergent plate boundary,Transform plate boundary

Earth Science: Earth science, Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography, Astronomy, ‘- ology’, Volcanology, Seismology, Limnology

Erosion: soil erosion, silt, sand, clay, wind erosion, bank erosion, sheet erosion., rill and gully erosion, strip farming, terraces


July 14, 2016
by leesclassroom

What Is A Natural Disaster?

What is a natural disaster?

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • define ‘natural disaster’
  • identify different types of natural disasters
  • give at least one key fact for several types of natural disaster

Note Taking and Sumarising from 3 sources:

Your teacher will hand out one printed article while below is a link to a site (click on the words Natural Disasters under the picture) that contains information in both a written form and in a video. The video can be found in the 5/6 2016 folder on studentshare. If the video doesn’t play use http://clearlyexplained.com/natural-disasters/index.html as your third source.

Natural Disasters


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