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September 9, 2015
by leesclassroom

Districts and Divisional Athletic Carnivals

On Thursday (3rd of September) students from years 3 – 6 went to Keilor Park Drive to
compete in the Moonee Ponds Districts Athletic Carnival. Even though it was a freezing cold
day, we still did really well competing against the other schools. The students showed great
sportsmanship and respected the other schools very well. They should be very proud of
themselves! We also have a few students who qualified for Divisional level and went on
Tuesday (8th of September).

At Divisional Mali came fourth in her triple jump event, Luca  came third in long jump, Oliver third in long jump and Ben came second in hurdles and discus and is therefore advancing to Regionals. We wish him well!

Thanks to everyone who came along and represented our school at both events. Well Done!
Alexis 5/6B

September 8, 2015
by leesclassroom

On the Monday the 7th of September several students represented Moonee Ponds Primary School at
the District Chess Competition at Braybrook. Thanks to the help of the severlasting parents we were able to  make it there in great timing.
Our school did very well coming third out of all the schools and making it through to the State semi-
finals. A big congratulation to our lovely team mates Anton, Alyssa, Lucca,
Ambrose, myself and to Flynn who came 4th in the whole competition. Great job guys,
now to the state semi-finals!

September 8, 2015
by leesclassroom

3D shapes lesson


Read through the following pages. in particular you are looking for definitions for: Polyhedra, prism, pyramid, base, vertex, vertices, edge, side and apex.




For early finishes check out the following link. Pay particular attention  to how to draw 3D shapes.


September 3, 2015
by leesclassroom

Tree Planting Day (Coastal Ambassadors)


On Wednesday the 19th of August, all the year 5’s and the year 6 Coastal Ambassadors went down to the Moonee Valley Creek to plant some trees. The reasons we did this was to block the rubbish that comes down into the creek and to also provide a home for animals such as possums, insects and other small creatures. Doing this will also help our Coastal Ambassadors with their environmental project.

When we got there, we broke up into groups of six and started to plant some tress. There were about 300 trees to plant. In our groups, we also had an adult leader. We were taught by our leaders how to plant trees correctly and they helped us out as we planted.

Most groups probably got to plant about 15 – 20 trees. When digging holes for the trees, we found lots of little creatures such as worms, beetles and more. The organisation who worked with us, Green Army, are determined to keep encouraging people to look after nature and to keep the world healthy.

I think the experience was really good for the year 5’s to see what we can do to help save the environment. Everyone got to plant something and I think it was really fun and enjoyable. I loved it because it isn’t something I would normally do and to know that I am helping the earth environmentally is really rewarding. Everybody was having a great time and this excursion turned out really successful!



map plant lists


September 2, 2015
by leesclassroom

Battle for Australia, Shrine visit

Yesterday the year 6’s attended the Shrine of Remembrance for the Battle for Australia commemoration day. The theme for this year’s event was Endurance.

When the choir began to sing a song (Be Still My Soul) I started to get emotional and started to tear up because so many people have died in war fighting for our country. And every word in the song made me think about the families of the people who had received
terrible news about their family member.


The guest speaker this year was Steve Moneghetti (An Australian sporting legend). He was there to talk about endurance because. As a long distance runner he had known a lot about it. Steve talked about people who were in the war and mentioned my great grandfather
Albert Ernest Coates who was a surgeon in WWII. He mentioned him because of how he kept on going even after seeing people being killed or maybe having to amputate a leg or an arm

Laying the wreath had a very unique feeling. I was emotional but still proud of the people who fought for my country.
Oliver (School Captain)

It was moving and exciting to lay the wreath. It was nice to see everyone commemorating the people who went to war.
Ruby (filling in for absent School Captain Melina)

The year six students and teaching staff would like to thank the BFA (Battle for Australia) Foundation organising committee for arranging this annual event and in particular JennyMcKenzie from Sunbury Coaches for arranging free transport on the day.
See more at: http://www.shrine.org.au/education/ceremonies-for-students/battle-for-australia-day#.dpuf

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