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Spelling Areas your spelling words may be about

Spelling words


When looking at the words in your spelling list ask yourself the following questions:


  1. What part of speech is it?
  2. Does the word have a base or root word?
  3. How many syllables?
  4. How many letters?
  5. Any particular letter patterns?
  6. Is it a compound word?
  7. Does the word contain any double or silent letters?
  8. Is the word plural or singular?
  9. How many consonants or vowels are in the word?
  10. Does the word have a prefix or a suffix?

Below are descriptions of the type of words that may make up your list.

Below are descriptions of the type of words that may make up your list.

Below are descriptions of the type of words that may make up your list.

  • Simple three letter words (consonant-short vowel-consonant)

Short Vowel definition

List of Short Vowel Words

The Short Vowel Rule

The reading road: C-V-C words

Spelling words

  • Words that start with or end in 2 or 3 letters that we always see grouped together (initial and final consonant blends).

Examples of Consonant Blends

Spelling words

  • Two (2) consonants are combined together to form only one sound (consonant digraphs and digraph-consonant blends).

What is a consonant digraph?

Some words that begin with common digraphs or blends

Spelling words

  • Double consonants.

Spelling Words With Double Consonants

How double consonants affects the vowel sound

Why do some words have double consonants while others have only one?

Spelling words

  • Plurals.

Singular and plural

Types of plurals 1

Types of plurals 2

Choose the correct plural activitiy

The Plural Girls game

Spelling words

  •  Words of many syllables (Simple multisyllabic words).

List of multisyllable words

Multisyllabic Words activity

Spelling words

  • Long vowel sounds.

Long Vowel definition

Writing long vowel sounds

Long vowel rules 

Long vowel sounds resources

The reading road: silent “e”

Long and short vowels

Spelling words

  • Two (2) vowels that make one sound or two (2) vowel sounds in one syllable(A vowel digraph has two vowels that make one sound. A diphthong is two vowel sounds in one syllable.)

Two vowels together

Digraph definition

Vowel digraphs slideshow

Diphthong definition

Spelling words

  • Vowels before “r”.

The reading road: “r” controlled vowels

Spelling words

  • Silent consonant. 

Words with silent letters
Silent letters

Silent letter words

Spelling words

  • Soft consonant sounds.

Hard and soft consonants

Spelling words

  • Verb endings.

Verbs ending in -ize, -ise, -yze, and -yse

Click on the words to see the past, present or future tense

Spelling words

  • Harder Plurals.

Plural rules

Unusual plurals

10 Things you should know about plurals

Spelling words

  • Prefixes.


Spelling words

  • Suffixes.


Spelling words

  • Prefix and suffix in the same word.

Suffixes and Prefixes

Chart of prefixes and suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes video

Root words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Spelling words

  • Compound words.

What makes a compound word activity

Compound word lists

Compound word list A to W

Spelling words

  • Homophones and commonly confused words.

Homophones–Words with the Same Sounds

Confusing words

Irregular spelling

Spelling words

Spelling words

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